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Welcome to Hatfield Music Banjo Supplies, located in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in the foothills of the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Jack Hatfield the owner has been picking banjo for over forty years. As an upcoming banjoist he placed in several local and state banjo contests and in 1987 was a finalist in the National Banjo Championship in Winfield, Kansas. He taught banjo, guitar, mandolin and fiddle for seventeen years full time before moving to Pigeon Forge to perform at venues such as Dollywood theme park, the Dixie Stampede and the East Tennessee convention circuit. Jack worked with internationally renowned mandolinist Red Rector and performed regularly with Lawrence Welk alumni Ava Gardner and Dick Dale at their show in Pigeon Forge. True Blue Band members include great vocalist and t rhythm man Paul Brewster (now with Ricky Skaggs) and guitarist Richard Bennett. Jack played a 15 year solo gig at Duffy's restaurant in Gatlinburg on weekends and performed solo the Alabama Grill and Walden's Landing in Pigeon Forge as well as hundreds of weddings, receptions and conventions with his band True Blue. Jack has appeared in two full length feature films and three syndicated television shows.

Jack authored several instruction books which can be found on this site. Some are self-published by his own company Hatfield Music and some are published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc., the largest publisher of stringed instrument instruction books in the world. He started writing as a columnist for Banjo Newsletter magazine in 1976. He wrote the Scruggs Corner column for five years, the Beginner's Corner column for seven years, and for twelve years authored a column called Systems and Concepts, featuring music theory and "big picture" discussions. Jack's latest books are Backup Techniques on the Five-String Banjo and Best of Jack Hatfield by Mel Bay publications. His newest Mel Bay release is Exercises for Three-Finger Banjo, a unique book featuring over two hundered sixty exercises covering all facets of three-finger banjo.

Jack was on the faculty of very first banjo camp, the Tennessee Banjo Institute in 1988. Since then he has been Bluegrass Director of all three of Banjo Newsletter's Maryland Banjo Academys and the Nashville Academy of Traditional Music. He has been director of the banjo workshop at the SPBGMA (Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America) Bluegrass Convention in Nashville for nineteen years. In 2006 Jack established his own Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy near Gatlinburg, TN which was held in conjunction with Five-String Fest in 2014. In 2015 Jack embarked on a big renovation project, and now holds camps in the Hatfield Music Barn adjacent to his shop, overlooking Pigeon Forge.

Though Hatfield Music specializes primarily in bluegrass banjo instruction and supplies, they also have a few other books and accessories that other acoustic musicians will also find useful - items like strings, straps, electronic tuners, and other goodies. Along with over eight hundred-fifty tablature arrangements and the dozen or so instruction books he has authored, Jack either invented and/or manufactured several unique items such as the Banjo Board, the Pick Pouch, Anti-Gravity strap, the patented Capo Caddy, and Raejusters (adjustable resonator screws invented by Jim Rae). These are items that can only be purchased from Hatfield Music. Jack also re-designed the Gerald Jones Acoustic Plus banjo pickup, now called the Jones-Hatfield banjo pickup. You will find here most of the products a banjo player will ever need at very competitive prices. If you do not find what you want, shoot Jack an email or give him a call and he will try to run it down for you.

Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy at Hatfield Music Barn
SPBGMA/BNL workshop with J.D. Crowe

Jack Hatfield Banjo Workshops

Besides selling banjo products, Jack Hatfield teaches solo workshops and directs his own banjo workshops and camps. He has taught at banjo workshops all over the USA and in England, Ireland, Scotland, Canada and Australia. Jack was on the staff of the very first major banjo camp, the Tennessee Banjo Institute in 1988, and was subsequently Bluegrass Director for all three of Banjo Newsletter's Maryland Banjo Academys. He was banjo director of Chuck Stearman's Nashville Academy of Traditional Music at Nashville's Opryland Hotel in 1994. For fourteen years Jack has been director of the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America (SPBGMA) banjo workshop in Nashville which features top performers, authors, luthiers and setup specialists. When Banjo Newsletter decided to curtail their Maryland Banjo Academy, Jack decided to take up where they left off. In April 2004 he directed his first three-day banjo camp, the Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy. The 2004 SMBA featured several renowned artists, professional teachers and authors including television personalities Larry McNeely from the Glen Campbell Good Time Hour and Doug Dillard, banjo player for "The Darlin's"(Dillards) of Andy of Mayberry. The first SMBA was a huge success so Jack decided to make it an annual event. SMBA camps and SPBGMA workshops have featured authors, luthiers, teachers and recording artists such as Tom Adams, Eddie Adcock, Dave Ball, Richard Bailey, Dave Ball, Rik Barron, Ron Block, Eddie Collins, Charlie Cushman, J.D. Crowe, Gary Davis, Janet Davis, Doug Dillard, Wayne Erbsen, Bill Evans, Bela Fleck, Laurie Grundy, Jack Hicks, Steve Huber, Gerald Jones, Bill Keith, Andy King, John Lawless, Dan Levensen, Tom Nechville, Ned Lubereki, Tom Morgan, Randall Morton, Frank Neat, Ken Perlman, James McKinney, Larry McNeely, Ross Nickerson, Curtis McPeake, Randall Morton, Sonny Osborne, Jim Panky, Butch Robins, Rick Sampson, Sammy Shelor, Roger Simpson, Mark Smith, Snuffy Smith, Ron Stewart, Herb Trotman, Leroy Troy, Pete Wernick, Kristin Scott-Benson, Frank Lee, Barry Abernathy, Doug Dillard, Arthur Hatfield, Ira Gitlin, Rex Mcgee, Tony Ellis, and others. Russ Jeffers from Opryland's Smoky Mountain Sunshine band has been the reliable concert MC. The camp was held at Five-String Fest in Lawndale NC. in 2014. In 2015 it found a new home at the Hatfield Music Barn adjacent to Hatfield Music, which Jack rennovated for events such as this.
Tour Smoky Mountain Banjo Academy:

Other Interests

When Jack is not servicing customers, writing columns or books, updating one of his websites, making Banjo Boards, Raejusters, AntiGravity straps or Capo Caddies, renovating his music barn, teaching workshops, maintaining two rental houses or performing, he is often in the gym or on the tennis court. Knee pain prevents volleyball and running now, but before he retired the Hatfield Music Gatlinburg recreation league volleyball team was league champs six seasons in a row. In tennis, Jack has bee to USTA state playoffs ten onsecutive years on different teams, won State and advanced to USA Southern Section playoffs three times, and in 2014 he captained a forty and over 4.0 level team that had an undefeated 17 - 0 record until they reached the USTA National Championships in Rancho Mirage, CA. They fell short of their National Championship goal, but it was the tennis experience of a lifetime for Jack and the team members. Fewer than one half of one percent of all USTA players ever advance to the National Champonships.

Jack founded the Sevier County Junior Tennis League in 2008 and coaches the Pigeon Forge Middle School team. The SCJTL has been taugt about 700 elementary and middle school kids this great game and provided opportunity for organuzed competition. If you visit Pigeon Forge, don't just bring your banjo...bring your tennis racquet!

Jack at USTA Nationals in Rancho Mirage, CA 2014

Hatfield 2014 Knoxville TN Forty and Over 4.0 USTA tennis team, Southern USA Section Champions
Team motto: "We're better than we look..."
Hatfield Music Volleyball team  
Tennis and volleyball hardware

Jack "in costume" on Pillar of Light movie set
Jamming between takes with Pillar of Light Director Steve Smiley & cast member

Jack also appeared in his second feature length movie, playing fiddle in a one minute scene, and the music was recorded live! (not edited in from tracks like in the first movie!) The third in a series of Pillar of Light movies was released in 2006. Click to see movie website and other on-set photos.


Still shot of scene in the Work and the Glory - Pillar of Light movie

Catching some air at "the sinks"
     Jack & Earl Scruggs in Earl's kitchen, 2002
Jack & son Daniel skiing
#1 son Daniel graduates from Vanderbilt University Suma Cum Laude (is that the way it's spelled? ...really? )
Jack & Daniel Cavin'
Jack & Daniel Rafting on the Little Pigeon River
Team Tennessee captained by Jack Hatfield - 2014 Southern Section Champions
Crystal Trophy - Forty and over team captained by Jack Hatfield - USTA Southern Champs

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