Among the items lost in the devastating wildfire that destroyed Hatfield Music in November 2016, were hundreds of tablatures that had not been computer typeset. If customers have purchased tablatures, especially handwritten tabs from the days before computer tab programs, please email a list to jack@ We will let you know which ones we need a copy of for our files. Also needed is the compilation of Jack's BNL Concepts and Systems column entitled, Soloing at Slow Tempos. If you have this compilation, or the July 1997 through July 1998 editions of Banjo Newsletter, in which the series was published in, please email us. Jack is presently working to reconstruct books and products that were lost in the wildfire. The Jones-Hatfield banjo pickup, revised TUNES books and tab collection series are now available for purchase. Please check here often to see what items have been returned to the website.
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